We offer comprehensive and creative events management solutions for all your Event, Functions & Promotional Activations, as well as trained, efficient and highly motivated full-time or roving merchandisers.


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We believe that your event or function must be the most unique and exciting occasion just for you and your organisation.

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This is a great opportunity to introduce and create an interest for new or existing products, encouraging brand awareness and reinforce brand loyalty.

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Our Teams are fully trained, experienced, highly motivated and very effective. They are all about building your brands and are very passionate in doing so.

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Our Workshops and Basic Skills Development Courses ~ focuses on health, wellness, self-development and growth, as well as unlocking the awesome potential in all women.

We offer a great platform for all women to belong, with awesome added benefits and monthly power house meetings, great events & functions and for women in business to show case their business, give suggestions, ideas and support for all women.

Encouraging all women to take control of their lives. Enriching the mind, body & soul. Educating with basic skills and self-development workshops. Empowering all women in creating their own ideas, dream and goals.

Just 4 Women

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Women On The Move is dedicated in creating Inspiration, Passion & Purpose, offering a unique platform that welcomes all women, a place to belong, to build trust, feel safe & comfortable.

Women on the Move

Three awesome pamper boxes to choose from, with great goodies just 4 you.

Order your Pamper Care Box today and enjoy some "Me Time" .....

Pamper Care Box