We offer well-trained, efficient and highly motivated full-time or roving merchandisers, our teams are all very passionate in building your brands and products.

Our Merchandisers are all very professional and have vast experience in branding and corporate identity makeovers.

They are exceptionally creative and build show-stopping displays that capture the attention of both loyal and first-time consumers, helping you build relastionships with end consumers through effective commincation by way of:

Home-Shelf Displays:~
icon-note.png this is key as this allows your brands to build long-lasting relationships with end consumers;
icon-note.png  this is permanent shelf space within an aisle in stores;
icon-note.png  end consumer knows where to find your products.

Off-Shelf Display:~
icon-note.png  this refers to a secondary display, such as a gondola end or free standing display stand;
icon-note.png  is positioned elsewhere in the store;
icon-note.png  these display stands are set-up for a specified period or time frame;
icon-note.png  these display stands are generally paid for.


We takes great care to ensure that all brands are represented effectively at store level, our merchandisers work hand-in-hand with your sales reps, to ensure that:

icon-note.png  there is sufficient stock pressure on shelf;
icon-note.png  all products are packed according to the specified planogram;
icon-note.png  each product’s forward share surpasses their market share;
icon-note.png   stock is effectively rotated;
icon-note.png  damaged stock is managed;
icon-note.png  all pricing labels are clearly communicated;
icon-note.png  visual and product merchandising with visual effectiveness;
icon-note.png  concentrate on the distribution and placement of Point of Sale (POS), enchancing your brand image;
icon-note.png  all aspects of the business to create brand awareness and increase sales;
icon-note.png  offer customer service and product training;
icon-note.png  follow up on day, for any orders to be placed, for delivery on the nomiated delivery day.

Purple Room Events offer an In-Store Promotional and Mall Activation service, this allows the manufacturers to promote brands whether new or existing, encouraging brand awareness and reinforce brand loyalty.

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We have successfully managed campaigns for some of the leading brands in South Africa:

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