Our aim is to unite and helps all women, no matter if you are in business or in your private life, by creating opportunities for women in business to grow their businesses or women who is looking for basic development skills or simply just wanting to understanding yourself better, knowing yourself and where you fit into society as well as how to maintain your overall health and wellness, for a healthy lifestyle.

  icon-note.png  Focus on Women: a networking morning to build relationships & trust with members, present company profile and
       fine-tuning the “elevator pitch”.
  icon-note.png  Mini Expo: to showcase and display your services and products, creating business opportunities and
        referrals between members.
  icon-note.png  Fun & Interesting Events: fun events that will be organised for all member once a month to enjoy, relax and have
       some “Me Time”.
  icon-note.png  Annual End-Year Function & Awards Evening: held at end of November.
       Focus on Women Award - Reward and Honour Women for their valuable contributions throughout the year.

We will also hold various Self-Development and Basic Skills Development Workshops and Seminars during the course of the year, for all members and non-members.

Non-members are always Welcome - R150.00 per person.


A Full Calendar for 2019 with all our Events and Functions coming soon.